Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

There's something about strawberry. Those of us who are fortunate enough to not be allergic to them can enjoy not only their flavor, but also the wonderful wild and sweet scent. Not to mention the tooth-bleaching aspect. We remember strawberry shampoo from High School, and how we wished (one of us, that is) that our hair could retain a scent other than chlorine. We've snooped around various shops on Etsy that celebrate the stunning strawberry, from scent to personal embellishment. Behold the goodies:

Creme De Fraise Audrey Dress by Bug n' Belle Baby Boutique. Makes us wish we had a daughter.

Strawberry Field Organic Cotton Tee by Mythdemeanor! It's uni-sexy goodness. (We really love it layered over that button up, too.)

Wild Strawberry Fields intense hair conditioner by Goodonya Too. Who needs perfume if your hair smells like wild strawberries? Sigh.

Strawberry Nectar by Tryst. It's sweet, it's pretty. And we love it.

Strawberry Fields Earrings by Lili Swan. Strawberry tones accented with touches of green and sparrows. Well played.

Strawberry Lemonade Chef Apron by Bella Bee Designs. Handy pocket, contrast trim, utility meets pretty.

Not strawberry-centric? These shops are fully equipped with something for everyone. Check them out, and happy shopping!

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