Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We recently discovered Optic Waste on Etsy. There's something about the art by l.e. lake; nostalgic, moody, otherworldly--all words that describe but fail to capture the beauty of each piece available in the store. Here are some that illustrate our point.

Winter Pine--the image first caught our attention. Whispers of a memory or a long forgotten wish.

Fallow Fields. We want to run through these flowers. Wanna come?

Vigilant Oak. Some how this is celebratory, rather than melancholic. Well done.

Cecil the beetle. He comes with the following story attached: A familiar of the late esteemed witch, Augusta Swampwater. Cecil's abilities are dung-gathering and competitive semaphore. This story sends us.

Check out Optic Waste for yourself! You won't be disappointed, and if you stuff one in our stocking, neither will we!

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