Thursday, August 20, 2009

Exotic earrings

Ever crave something out of the ordinary? Something with pizzazz? Why not hang something marvelous from your ears, dumpling? Let your ears say: I am fabulous, I have good old fashioned flair, and I am anything but ordinary! As the song goes "little things mean a lot"...let your little things speak volumes!

Caribbean Treasure, by Maribelle Campa. Carmen meets Frida Kahlo.

Wrap Hoop Gold Stardust & Garnet Earrings, by Dasha Boutique. Perfect for your label lovin' friend, these are slightly trendy/exotic.

Recycled Circuit Board , by Three Ring Circuits. Steampunk meets Deco.

Temple Dancer, by Mocahete. Like something unearthed and ancient.

Real Orchid earrings, by Baby White Elephant. Orchid earrings...smashing.

Wearing of any of these earrings will generate conversation, compliments, and lots of attention on lil ol you! We're ready for it...are you game? Check out these shops for more scrumptious calorie free goodies.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wall of Weird

Ever want to nail something strange to the wall? Wacky wall art is useful: it's entertaining, scares off unwanted (read: boring) guests, and fosters a feeling of community with like minded folks. Here are some items found using "Wall, weird, and Art" as keywords.

Time to Exit, by IMOTIME. IMOTIME's clocks are quirky and wildly varied. Ever wanna tell time on a bed pan? Now you can! You name it, they clock it.

Rainy day Randy by Combustible Kid. This shop's strangeness includes bizarre cat toys, brooches, and mature content tee shirts. "Ordinary" never crosses the mind.

Custom Gothic Monogram Coffin, Art Pillbox Designs. From the mildly macabre to the decidedly sexy, this shop offers decals for cult queens and muscle car mavens.

Taxidermy Cabbage Patch Kid, by All She Does. From a land of scary Frankenstein-inspired teddybears--also known as Austin--comes this dismembered and adorable Cabbage Patch doll. Cute and slightly creepy.

Banish the banal! Dismiss the drab! Expel the enervating! Procure the peculiar! Send us pictures!

Black, white, and red all over.

Looking for a wardrobe injection? Go fashionably into fall with these stylish items: a pinch of red for warmth and zing, a dose of black and white for drama. Drama in wardrobe, good. Drama in love life, not so good. Our faves:

Bohemian Red Hat by KJG Productions. Love the whimsical, it-girl vintage feel. Gawgeous you, with your ingenue eyes, can't help but stand apart from a sea of duds.

Zip front coat/dress by 13threads. Wear zipped as a figure flattering dress or open over your favorite outfit. We're thinking layered petticoats and a cinched waist for an ultra hourglass look.

Wide Collar Wrapped Blouse by MooncircuS. Romantic bone colored linen/cotton blouse, perfect dressed up or down.

Black and White Spectator Oxford Flats, RedoRedux. Spectator flats are making a big splash this fall and winter least with us! Love the cutout detailing on this crisp oxford.

Add a touch of the unexpected for a memorable look. Be bold. Be daring. Most of all, be fabulous! We insist!

A sweet distinction

We've recently been looking at homes for sale in our more desirable 'hoods, and have come to find the types of homes we like have awesome address signage, or historic markers on the front. If you think about it, it's likely you've noticed the modern house on the corner with the address in really cool brushed nickel. Or the historic house with the deco details. Such a simple thing really brings a touch of individuality to a home.

Atlas Signs & Plaques create address markers and signage that will give your home distinction. Located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, Atlas Signs & Plaques is a small company owned and run by women and veterans. Here are a few of their many items available.

The Stickley Address number plaque. Gawgeous, just gawgeous! Love the architectural influence in this one.

Whale House number plaque, perfect homes by the sea, or all lovers of ocean life. This is the address plaque that started this post!

Abandon All Hope no solicitors sign. Hilarious? Yes. Get the point across? Yes! If you make them laugh, so much the better.

The Hen House, perfect (and customizable) for your restaurant, chicken coop, or home office. We've actually seen this signage in our city and LOVE it!

Check out Atlas Signs & Plaques extensive options in colors, shapes, products and finishes... and make sure you pass the info on to your neighbors!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Periwinklebloom Baby

Have you ever fallen in love with clothes made for toddlers and bigger kids and thought, I'd love to wear that!? You know we have! On an aside, have you noticed how much cuter clothes are for kids now than they were in the 60s, 70s and 80s? It's unbelievable! We discovered Periwinklebloom and love their sensibility of simple, comfortable looking clothes in natural colors and fabrics. Perfect for your stylish sprite!

Capelet. Cute and cuddly, perfect for keeping your little one warm and well dressed! Made of nubby sherpa.

Gathered dress, in chambray. Comfy for summer, and whimsically cute.

Mangle dress, made of vintage reclaimed cloths. Earth-friendly and summery too! Love the details at the bottom--too cute!

Check out Periwinklebloom for more baby beauties!

That pretty white dress

The white dress--that little iconic slip of fabric that causes people to stop and stare. Whether yours is summery or wintery white, wedding or picnic white, you're sure to be sensaysh when you don this powerful color!

These are our choices for ensnaring hearts--from semi formal bridal to barefoot in the park, these will do the trick and woo wordlessly.

Night Gown Slip Dress - by econica. Clingy and super sexy, for at home or checking the mail. Or, if you wear a good slip, in public. Oh la la.

Society Street Dress by Carol Hannah. Dior, eat your heart out! Paired with white gloves and white slingbacks, this is oh so Marilyn.

The Darling Dress, Cherry Pie Vintage. Perfect for a picnic in the park and causing passersby to stumble into one another.

Ivory or White Pleated Collar Dress by Amanda Archer. Perfect date dress.

Get in on the action. We promise you romance will ensue!

Eyes of the Enchantress

Living in the wilds of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Jude Mcconkey is newspaper photographer by trade, and a fine art photographer at heart. Describing her photographic art as "dreamy, intense, and yes, even creepy images full of emotion", a peek through her lens shows a world gorgeously surreal, and hauntingly familiar, with an almost wish-fulfillment quality to it. It's our world, shown through the eyes of a magician. Atmospheric, ethereal, and evocative, warm as the fondest summer memory or bracing as the snowy afternoon, each image takes the viewer to the heart of some long forgotten memory or a longed for time of another life. Here are some of our favorites.

In a Sea of lilacs. In Giant, James Dean's Jett Rink tells Elizabeth Taylor's Leslie that she looks "near good enough to eat". That sums up our feelings.

The Haunting Woods, where something magical or magically sinister could happen. Yet, you still feel compelled to go.

Fence post in Grass. It reminds one of us of cowboys, and one of us of childhood. What does it remind you of?

Collapsed. Is the barn shooting out of the earth, or settling in to it?

Check out Jude Mcconkey's shop for these prints and more photographic art and accessories and her website, here.

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