Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Restless things...

When reclaimed paper meets Olivia Jeffries, something beautiful happens. Take a peek at some of our favorites from Restless Things on Etsy.

Sketch for flora

Candid rear view

...an important gift, original drawing.

Check out Restless Things and treat your home to something inspired!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

You live in color

Color. We see in it, we live in it. Some of us embrace the color; some are afraid of it. Whether you're a color nut or a timid tangerine, we've found some fabulous little finds in breezy blues and sunshine yellow to add some pizazz to your place.

Teal Art Deco dresser, Poppyseed Creative Living. Poppyseed has amazing little pieces of furniture painted in bewitching hues, chosen ingeniously for each individual piece!

Dogwood Flower Lidded Vessel, Whitney Smith Pottery. Another fabulous shop with incredibly colorful, elegant wares.

Tiny Golden Suns, 3 Lambs Design. Color your walls with whimsical, nostalgic, and inspiring art from 3 Lambs.

Darling Bleu Jardin, king duvet cover, Pretty Plum Sugar. An absolutely adorable shop full of lounge wear and home goodies.

And finally, My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living, by the endearing and wonderfully fun Jonathan Adler.

Enjoy your sight--give yourself fabulous, colorful, and gorgeous things to look at!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Nautical. Whimsical. Zebraic. Subversive. Stripes have a long fashion history, and an incredible visual range. They photograph extremely well and take ordinary pieces, from clothing to housewares, to extraordinary heights! Here are some stripes we love.

Alexa, Breton tee, Abi Bansal Design.

Rococo overdress and skirt, 11tyone.

Mod porcelain Candle holders, Shoshona Snow.

Pin-Up Sailor, black and white romper, Kitten Stitches.

Solstice Flat, nautical stripe, Hydra Heart.

And finally, The Devil's Cloth : A History of Stripes by Michel Pastoureau.

Get your stripes on. Guaranteed to make a statement that never goes out of fashion!

Friday, February 19, 2010


There's something so satisfying about finding something pretty, bright, and unique. We recently came across Jennifer Ladd's purses and found one more reason to smile on this grey day!

Synchronized Swimming bag in bright blue and red.

Bird and blossom handbag. Love the orange and gorgeous handles.

Red poppy clutch purse. Polka dot lining. Poppies. Marvelous!

Gift certificate. Perfect for your special someone!

Bright, bold, bags...at Jennifer Ladd's!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

luscious lampwork

Lampwork beads can be fun, whimsical, colorful, pretty, gaudy, glorious. We've found some lovely jewelry made with lampwork beads, incorporating all the great things lampwork has to offer. If you're in the mood for something different, check these out.

Mint Chocolate Boro Lampwork & Smokey Quartz Bracelet, Honey Bear Beads.

Red Floral Necklace Lampwork necklace in red, Must-Haves.

Jungle Green lampwork ring, Evihan.

Something truly unique and one of a kind is waiting you at each store...happy shopping!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

taupe and cream

Earthy meets airy in items with detailing to inspire and admire.

Linea fold over clutch by Raramodo. This slips over your arm. Adore the detailing and the fold over structure, and the lines are to die.

Swirly stem poppy earrings -taupe gray, Jewelry by Natsuko. Taupe never looked so good in enameled, swirly flowers.

Heron Blouse by Hier. Buttons up in the back and lined detailing on the bust, subtly detailed--sweetly sexy.

Check out these shops for more items to add subtle drama to your outfit. After all, one of the best things one can be asked is "Where did you get that?!" It can never happen too often!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Clever Nettle and the secret society...

We were searching Etsy for a high waisted skirt to feature in an outfit-themed entry we're working on, and we came across Clever Nettle's shop. If you're not familiar with Clever Nettle, they carry darling vintage clothing and...something too wonderful for words. May we present, The Billuminati:

"The Billuminati is one of the most elusive of all secret societies, open only to the finest quality Bills and Williams that the world has to offer..."

"These portraits were discovered by infiltrating the organization and they reveal some of the most famous current members, from actors to presidents..."

"This project is a combination of secret fake history, humor and art."

Vintage clothes: Awesome! Billuminati: Total Genius.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ethereal. Handmade. Bride.

Traditional color scheme meets ethereal whimsy for the handmade Spring/Summer bride. Planning a wedding? Get in on the action! Here are some of our picks for a light, airy, and totally unique bridal experience.

Tiana Long beach golden wedding gown by For your Wedding. Romantic touches of gold and feminine detailing.

Ethereal Innocence - hair clip set by Which Goose. These remind us of the portrait of Empress Sissi. Elegant whimsical.

Orchid Earrings with keishi pearls, by The Jewelry Bar. Nature girl goddess. Also available with ruby.

Bottle of Bubbly invitation suite, Modern Museum. Distinctive, whimsical glamour.

Customize your Pretty Pleats, Davie and Chiyo. Totally custom, from frame to materials, natural meets refined.

The handmade wedding is easier than ever with these fabulous sellers! Check them out and get planning for your special day!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Entering glamour girl heaven

Do you swoon over vintage garments? Sashay about in seductive satins and silks? Purr and prance in fluffy fur? If so, you'll love Fab Gabs Vintage. Here are some fabulous frocks and tantalizing togs to entice you.

Harlow Romance, sheer pink chiffon gown. So effortlessly feminine, delicious, and darling.

Vibrant bouquet, topper with veil. Uber luxe color combinations--frothy and exciting.

Calling Joan Crawford, vintage fur coat. Dramatic. Diva. Never one to be missed.

Juliet at Midnight, 1930s gown. Liquid in dazzling satin and sumptuous velvet black.

Check out Fab Gabs Vintage for more getup that will knock'em senseless! Ps...they even have garb for your favorite gent!

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