Friday, February 26, 2010


Nautical. Whimsical. Zebraic. Subversive. Stripes have a long fashion history, and an incredible visual range. They photograph extremely well and take ordinary pieces, from clothing to housewares, to extraordinary heights! Here are some stripes we love.

Alexa, Breton tee, Abi Bansal Design.

Rococo overdress and skirt, 11tyone.

Mod porcelain Candle holders, Shoshona Snow.

Pin-Up Sailor, black and white romper, Kitten Stitches.

Solstice Flat, nautical stripe, Hydra Heart.

And finally, The Devil's Cloth : A History of Stripes by Michel Pastoureau.

Get your stripes on. Guaranteed to make a statement that never goes out of fashion!

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