Friday, September 26, 2008

In Praise of the Apron

Our love affair with the apron was patchy at best; occasionally the beloved armor would be used and appreciated, but most often left forgotten and not applied. Well, no more. We've seen the error of our ways and we're not going back. Simply put, aprons are appropriate and becoming in the kitchen. They give us a feeling of authority and connection to the past. They are perfectly awesome.

Here are a few we adore. We hope they inspire you to tie one on, or to expand your collection if you're already a fan!

Fattoria Villa Gamboro Apron by Mary Jane's Handmade is a lovely deep blue with sweet polka dots and contrast trimmings. We love the nipped in waist and coverage offered by her designs, and appreciate her use of color and fun fabrics. Your clothes will stay protected and you'll look super cute!

Fattoria Villa Gamboro Apron (imported fabric) by Mary Jane’s Handmade

Boojiboo aprons offer a vintage inspired look with an ample selection! We fell in love with Pink Flowers and Honey Bees half apron. Mouth watering colors and vintage inspired style make this one a simple joy to wear while making muffins. Boojiboo is an apron super store and a veritable heaven for vintage style junkies.

Vintage Inspired Pink Flowers and Honey Bees Half Apron by Boojiboo

This bib apron Ava by Jessie Steele is a 50s inspired confection with the detailing that Jessie Steele's line is noted for--fabulous fabric, sleek details, and sweet accents. Growl! Coated aprons are available for professionals (hair dressers perhaps) as well as oven mitts. We couldn't resist posting this one below--it was worn by the fictional homemaker Bree Hodge from Desperate Housewives, who we unashamedly adore.

Bib Ava - 50’s Kitchen Apron by Jessie Steele

And finally, The Apron Book: Making, Wearing, and Sharing a Bit of Cloth and Comfort by EllynAnne Geisel. We were so happy to find this author and her book we almost passed out from the joy.

The Apron Book: Making, Wearing, and Sharing a Bit of Cloth and Comfort

Reconsider the apron, friends! She's an unsung hero and an excellent friend indeed. In our ideal world, friends would start giving these as hostess gifts and exchange frothy handmade ones 'just because'. Handmade or vintage, they're sure to give you a sense of purpose and fun in the kitchen, so tie one on!

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