Friday, January 29, 2010

Entering glamour girl heaven

Do you swoon over vintage garments? Sashay about in seductive satins and silks? Purr and prance in fluffy fur? If so, you'll love Fab Gabs Vintage. Here are some fabulous frocks and tantalizing togs to entice you.

Harlow Romance, sheer pink chiffon gown. So effortlessly feminine, delicious, and darling.

Vibrant bouquet, topper with veil. Uber luxe color combinations--frothy and exciting.

Calling Joan Crawford, vintage fur coat. Dramatic. Diva. Never one to be missed.

Juliet at Midnight, 1930s gown. Liquid in dazzling satin and sumptuous velvet black.

Check out Fab Gabs Vintage for more getup that will knock'em senseless! Ps...they even have garb for your favorite gent!

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