Tuesday, May 10, 2011

dress you pretty

Ladylike glamour is all about stopping hearts, causing jaws to drop, and being insanely fabulous in a world where people seem to care less and less about how they present themselves when it comes to fashion and style. (Yes, we're grumpy today--we spent an entire weekend with sloppily dressed people while looking outrageously overdressed.)

Cherise Design is a breath of fresh air. The fabrics and designs are perfect for the rockabilly, burlesque, and pinup lover, who is looking for something in her favorite style, with something special in the details. Here are our favorites.

Forget-me-not black 50s reproduction dress.

A fine romance, gorgeous pale green butterfly print 50s reproduction dress.

Green 50's style taffeta prom dress, Olivia.

Check out Cherise for these fabulous dresses and more!

on a candy colored day

bomobob is about to make your eye a magical place to be. Are you ready? Behold the sun drenched, candy colored, bright and glorious finds we've found for you...

"Dream a little Dream"

"I remember Summer"

"Among trees"

Spring and Summer all year round, starts with a trip to bomobob.

Handmade Finds