Thursday, March 20, 2008

From the city with love

The urban jungle. The metropolitan playground. The bustling borough. Whatever you want to call it, there's something about a cityscape that makes the heart sing like no other. If you can't live there, stare wistfully at these pieces and dream until you make it!

Home is where our heart is by Vol25 nails it. A few basic apartment buildings with one special window--where the loved one lives. There's nothing like a loved one to bring meaning, warmth, and excitement to a place...without it, a city or neighborhood is just a bunch of sidewalk and windows. We also love the musical details.

Home is where our heart is

Pittsburgh 6th Street Bridge by Real City Art is insanely gorgeous and has all the features we crave in city art: a bridge, touches of pink, and a sense of something thriving and exciting. We've never been there, and perhaps you haven't, either, but chances are great that you've seen and loved a similar place and are inexplicably drawn to it, too. If you like this one, check out the other pieces featuring NYC and a city in Georgia.

Pittsburgh 6th Street Bridge by Real City Art

My Favorite Theatre by Bradley Ralph Robinson (brr--like SFC itself, come to think of it), features our favorite theatre, the Castro, in dramatic black and white. It is timeless and gorgeous, idealizing and yet capturing great Californian architecture. If you love this, check out his other SFC inspired art--truly fabulous.


And finally, Giving Off by Laura George because as any urban dweller knows, there are is a desperate beauty in pollution. Perhaps we morbid beings find beauty because we want to, but decay has always had its charms. The buildings are giving off vibrant star laden clouds--a fun burst of color near the tall, black buildings.

Giving Off by Laura George

Center stage: objects with star power.

There are times in a woman's life when extra va-va-voom is simply mandatory. At these crucial moments, it's heartbreaking to be thisclose to perfection and miss the mark due to a missing accessory! If you plan your outfits for events like we do, this sensation is something well worth avoiding. Let us steer you in the general direction of Center Stage.

In the event of a cocktail party, it's always a good idea to wear one piece of flair--never 37 or beyond--more is simply unchic. Some women can pull off overdone, but for the rest of us, less is so much more. A fascinator, perched saucily on your little head, can add interest.

This magenta fascinator by SmittenXOXO is gorgeous and not overdone--just a punch of color and allurement. Worn as a brooch or in the hair, it's a cinch for adding that dash that makes the outfit.

Gilda by SmittenXOXO

Other options available at Smitten include a birdcage veil (oh la la), garters, and orchid fascinators.

Obviously, a part of charm has roots in jewels. After all, what outfit is complete without a bit of snazz? In our youth it was a ball chain necklace with dog tags, a studded belt, or even some duct tape. Let your inner teenager come out to play, tempered with some adult discretion and knowing panache. Annilys's shop is an excellent place to find some scene stealing booty.

All that glitters by Annilys

A subtle dash of color, glimmering bling, and details to swoon for are all trademarks of jewels by Annilys and the above are no exception. If you have a bit of whimsy, a dash of flapper, and a pinch of starlet, Annilys's shop is your catnip.

And finally, what else can stop a heart, silence a room and gather the attention of all like a dress?

Ladies, never underestimate the power of a dress. It doesn't have to be short, or even particularly decollete to make a statement. A stunner if ever there was one is The Charlie Dress by Miss Braches Inc. Available in Black, Red, Navy, or Lavender with white accents, this body conscious bodacious dress is custom made for you!

The Charlie dress by Miss Braches Inc

Be sure to check out their stores for more getting glam inspiration!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beauty in the details: jewelry by Amber Sky

There are a lot of jewels available on Etsy, many of which are made with such attention to detail and refreshing elements that it's impossible to have ONE favorite. Despite this fact, there are still certain designers that impart a little something special. Like collage artists, they have a way of putting pieces together that deserves comment, a second look, or becomes a part of a wearer's signature--a way they punctuate their outfits with their own personality.

Amber Sky is no exception. Her pieces tend to have something special that makes the item a must have. This piece, called Victoria, left us stunned with happiness.

Victoria-Turquoise by Amber Sky

We love the teardrop shape, and the lustrous turquoise color, but most of all the hand placed brass leaves and flowers. We have shaky fingers and can only imagine how easy that wasn't, but the effort resulted in a wearable piece of art.

Next up the aptly named Romance. We love that the deep blue briolettes are encased in filigree cages--such an unexpected and lush detail, which accents the beads oh so well. This would be the perfect date night earring, or accent to a feminine day time outfit.

Romance-Blue by Amber Sky

And finally, the lovely Iris, which boast noteworthy color combinations--metallic lavender, copper, and deep purple accents. The layered bead caps and accent beads add interest without fuss. Perfect Spring daytime earrings.

Iris by Amber Sky

Check out AmberSky on Etsy to see your new signature pieces with a romantic twist!

Greetings you won't soon forget: Mimi Muse

Mimi Muse is all about the love--from the name of the company, which is for the artist's muse: her grandmother Mimi, to the sentimental keepsakes the artist couldn't part with until the time was ripe for a perfect artistic expression (she's a collector of trinkets and mementos, like much of her family)--which is why it's impossible not to feel affection for the beautiful treasures at Mimi Muse Designs.

Linguaggio Del Cuore features a pretty combination of photographic images, laces, papers, and charms, all scanned onto cardstock, which is perfect to prevent damage. (We aren't a big fan of mutilating pretty stuff, us.) Italian lovers will note a phrase "Il mio cuore vola", which is perfect with the flying heart and romantic couple. Romance! (Hey, Spring's coming!)

Linguaggio del Cuore by Mimi Muse Designs

Woman in Peacock Dress is appropriate for any lover of sensual feminine beauty, or your favorite over the top character. We love the subtle earthy greens reminiscent of plumage, but the best part is Miss Saucy with her hand on her hip! What a wonderful find of vintage modelling--she IS a peacock in everyway!

Woman in Peacock Dress by Mimi Muse Designs

And finally, the most beautiful winged girl we've ever seen: Art Deco Fairy. This one is perfect for the larger than life or romantic with an independent streak. We just love the stylized, clean lines, and vivid colors combined with the surprising bits of map, glass and stamps.

Art Deco Fairy by Mimi Muse Designs

Check out Mimi Muse Designs and get acquainted with this talented collage artist!

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