Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Greetings you won't soon forget: Mimi Muse

Mimi Muse is all about the love--from the name of the company, which is for the artist's muse: her grandmother Mimi, to the sentimental keepsakes the artist couldn't part with until the time was ripe for a perfect artistic expression (she's a collector of trinkets and mementos, like much of her family)--which is why it's impossible not to feel affection for the beautiful treasures at Mimi Muse Designs.

Linguaggio Del Cuore features a pretty combination of photographic images, laces, papers, and charms, all scanned onto cardstock, which is perfect to prevent damage. (We aren't a big fan of mutilating pretty stuff, us.) Italian lovers will note a phrase "Il mio cuore vola", which is perfect with the flying heart and romantic couple. Romance! (Hey, Spring's coming!)

Linguaggio del Cuore by Mimi Muse Designs

Woman in Peacock Dress is appropriate for any lover of sensual feminine beauty, or your favorite over the top character. We love the subtle earthy greens reminiscent of plumage, but the best part is Miss Saucy with her hand on her hip! What a wonderful find of vintage modelling--she IS a peacock in everyway!

Woman in Peacock Dress by Mimi Muse Designs

And finally, the most beautiful winged girl we've ever seen: Art Deco Fairy. This one is perfect for the larger than life or romantic with an independent streak. We just love the stylized, clean lines, and vivid colors combined with the surprising bits of map, glass and stamps.

Art Deco Fairy by Mimi Muse Designs

Check out Mimi Muse Designs and get acquainted with this talented collage artist!

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