Monday, February 25, 2008

Misanthropic swears and bunnies, oh my!

As some of you well know already, we gals at HMF HQ are geeks--we dork out, get inspired by, and fall in love with all types of things. Sometimes these things are real live people, sometimes they are things made by real live people; sometimes, we get lucky and it's both.

Jessica Pierce, the genius behind Spider Camp, is the latter. She had us at "Buy this rabbit with your moneys" (this very name made us absolutely nuts with happiness). Shown below, a green fleece bunny with wonky eyes and "fuck off" written on his chest.


Those of us that get sick of niceties and 'polite society' can relate to this bunny. Sometimes we just wanna tell people to F*Off. Now we don't have to. We can flash this crazed bunny with pride. Practiced misanthropes and newbies are well covered--there are a few bunnies such as this one for days when you just wanna tell someone what you really think.

We also like the sections in her shop--for instance, the bunnies with diseases. Now, diseases are usually no laughing matter in the human or animal world, but in the world of plushies, they are HILARIOUS. Check out "Plague".

Grumpy Yellow Plague Bunny by Spider Camp

Now that's a conversation starter if ever there was one. You can give it to your favorite angst ridden teenager for a rare and sincere smile. You can show it to your blind date and showcase your brazen sense of humor (and scare away weak sauce or boring losers), or leave it in your house for new lovers to see. You can even nail it to the wall in your cubicle as a warning to your least favorite co-workers to question your sanity or at least fear for their lives. Also available: "Herpes".

There are oh-so-many bunnies available where these came from. Some celebrate Ham and the love of meat in general (she even makes "Pocket Bacon" for bacon-aficionados) , the love of pies and sweets ("Pie for President"), swears, and pop culture references ("WTF" and "OMG").

And finally, the bunny named "Geek" which is our cue to end this post, as it was clearly made with dorks like us in mind!

Happy Green Geek Bunny by Spider Camp

If you love quirky irreverence, words and cute dolls, you must visit Spider Camp and get acquainted with the hilarious Jessica Pierce.

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