Monday, February 4, 2008

Pop Iconography in the shadows

Troy Gua, shadow box maestro, has created some startling works of art in bold black and white, perfect for gift giving, conversation starting, or decorating like a pro.

We present the Lindsay Lohan:

LINDSAY LOHAN shadow box by Troy Gua

What, you ask, will we do with a Lindsay Lohan shadow box? My friend, the possibilities are endless! LiLo would make a fabulous gift for the girls at gofugyourself, your favorite culture vulture, the guy that simply thinks she's hot, or the snarky friend that would find such a gift to be humorous (us). Lindsay seems to speak volumes; a sign of great pop art.

Dog lovers everywhere will be pleased to find amazing art that showcases your favorite furry friend. Whether Fido is a poodle, chihuahua, boston terrier, pug, beagle, shih tzu, you will find a beautiful representation with dramatic appeal. Sorta kitsch, totally modern, and fashionista-friendly.

CHIHUAHUA shadow box by Troy Gua

And finally, your roomate, a rock god worshipper, will be satisfied by shadow boxes featuring Morrissey, Kurt Cobain, David Bowie, Elvis, David Gahan and Beck, to name a few available. These are a great way to display your favorite musicians in an adult friendly, stylish way; to showcase not only your impeccable taste in music, but your genius for home decor that many people covet, but few possess.

ROBERT SMITH of THE CURE shadow box by Troy Gua

Decorate your life with one of a kind art that speaks to you...check out Troy Gua!

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