Monday, February 25, 2008

You're so decadent, darling: Shahasp Valentine and her queenly jewels

Those of us that have an affinity to rustic/nature inspired beauty in jewelry, or the voluptuous sensuality of bygone eras have finally found a one stop shop for earthy and heavenly elegance! Shahasp Valentine, an artisan specializing in PMC (precious metal clay) has a line of jewelry fit for a queen ('Modern Artifacts' or 'Precieux'), or the rugged individualist in us all ('Organic Series').

We love the variety of her design--many items are shown with variations, such as different stones, sizes, and chains, which makes the item as individual as the person wearing it. For a visual example, let's look at "Icicle" below, which is from the 'Precieux' or 'Modern Artifacts' side of her art:

Grande Icicle Window Necklace  by Shahasp ValentineIcicle Window Necklace #8

Shown with a gold chain, and without stones surrounding the center stone, the second picture has a subdued regal air, while the first has a cool, understated, yet richly divine splendor. These are just TWO of the variations available in this one necklace...and they are all worth a peeky.

Her Organic Series jewelry has a more free-flowing design, very natural and unstructured. We felt an immediate affinity toward 'Knife Edge' and like the dark beauty of 'Lily'.

Knife Edge Necklace #26  by Shahasp Valentine Lily Necklace #33  by Shahasp Valentine

And finally, our personal favorites of her collection: Rococo,Nouveau Diamond Necklace, and Opera.

Rococo Necklace by Shahasp Valentine Nouveau Diamond Necklace by Shahasp ValentineOpera Necklace #1 by Shahasp Valentine

Sure conversation starters with excellent design, and a perfectly captured and balanced expression of romantic sentiment of bygone eras.

Check out Shahasp Valentine's site and get acquainted with this heavily talented jewelry artist!

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