Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sophia Mohamed Al-Maria's Little Shop of London Horrors

There we were, minding our own business, trying to find the next post for your (and our) entertainment, when we quite accidentally discovered Sophia Mohamed Al-Maria's shop on Etsy. Apparently, werewolves live in London, and their observer, Ms Al-Maria, is tracking them to humorous effect. We like her tongue in cheek series of caricatures which toy with the villainous perception of Arabs, Immigrants and the 'Other' in London; a little subversive attitude has been our personal motto since 9th grade gym class: 'in your eye'.

Here's one we adore called "Dream Street" which is based on a friend of Ms Al-Maria's. We love it for so many reasons--the weaponry (one of us ALWAYS uses the 'grenade' while playing Drake's Fortune), the hairstyle and 'side eye' look, but most of all because of the use of the word "Frenemy" in the description! Granted, she said "not a frenemie" but, hey, we love it anyway--we'd love to see an image of an actual frenemy, someday. We just love that word.

DREAM STREET by sophia al maria

Our new boyfriend, BLACKFRIAR'S BRIDGE, was spotted lurking about talking into his cell phone ear piece, a la James Bond, in a possibly North African dialectic (let's face it, languages we don't understand are HOT), and was cloaked in mystery; and, we imagine, a little ridiculousness, which is always rather endearing. This caricature warmed our icy hearts like no other.


And finally, SHOREDITCH, the hipster diva resplendent in Top Shop, with a lot of attitude to go with her flair. Dig her hoops and charm bracelet--we suspect she didn't get them on Etsy, but she very well could have.

SHOREDITCH by Sophia Al Maria

Each adult werewolf comes delicately packaged in red tissue with a red EXPLOSION of GLITTER stars and an explanation signed and dated on gold paper. We totally want one. Check out her shop at SophiaAlMaria to show some love.

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