Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pretty Poison

Green is the color of paradox--a color of lush growth and corrosive decay. Of vigor and drunkenness. Of health and toxin. Here are our favorites in this delicious color.

Ring with two buttons by Quench Metalworks.

Queen Bee Perfume Oil by Poison Apple Apothecary.

Green Snake Skin Trinket Box by Fun Wall Art

Tahitian Jade crochet hook, R Parish Woodworks.

Feast of Fancy , Water Nymph

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dreamin' of a black Christmas

Black: It's the color of mystery, restrained elegance, and comforting nightfall. It's definitely a major favorite of ours, and in honor of playing favorites (one of our pet pastimes), we're taking an inspired trip into black Christmasland, encouraging you to indulge yourself and your chosen other with something fantastically black.

Black Roses by White Magic Shoppe. Pretty candles set a memorable aura, and the rose shape is a definite win.

Down In The Underground by Totus Mel. Tatted black mask, mysterious and peek-a-boo pretty. Love the names, which come from Labyrinth, and a few styles are available to suit different damsels (or dudes--why not?).

Black Lace Neck Corset by Decadent Designs. Who's bringin' the drama? Gorgeous lace, corset detailing, and a slightly Victorian sensibility = awesome.

The Wolf black cuffs by Angelika Liv. Delicate and beautiful, these make a gorgeous statement, highlighting the wrists and fingers.

Charles Baudelaire Glass Paperweight by Ephemerologie. Oh, we love this! Great either alone or with a copy of Paris Spleen or Les Fleurs du Mal.

Slip your lovelies something dark and dreamy...

Tell 'em to clean up their act

Soap. It's dead useful. We reckon most people use it at least once daily, and we've noticed some people are a bit cheap with themselves when it comes to splurgin' on soap: They stick to old familiar or el cheapo, potentially missing out on the fun of bathing and washing hands. This is tragic and must be stopped. The following soaps are unexpected stocking stuffers and are pretty enough to entice guests, if left in the guest bathroom. We all win, if that's the case...

Fight Club novelty soap by Paradise Body Shop. This soap comes in peppermint, which is an invigorating shower experience. It really wakes one up and makes the skin feel tingly-clean.

Sensual Nag Champa soap by Solstice Scents. Dragon detailing, and soft mysterious scent of Nag Champa--good for men or women; especially thoughtful for those born in the year of the Dragon (1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000).

Coffee and Chocolate Beer Soap- Made With Stone Smoked Porter by The Beer Soap Co. Coffee AND chocolate AND beer? This is crazy-delicious sounding, and totally unisex. We've heard coffee has a nice effect on skin, and that beer's good for hair--chocolate's plain good for the soul.

Black and Silver Soap - Gift Boxed by Soapy Chica. Soapy Chica makes some incredibly gorgeous soaps--and this is just one example of the feminine high-relief detailing available. Plus, we really like black and the idea of black soap is intriguing.

Gypsy Caravan Soap, by Scodioli. Pomegranate and Orange--sounds absolutely drool-worthy, and the fun packaging makes this a nice gift for lovers of the odd and unusual. Love the bearded lady logo.

Fun soap, manly soap, gorgeous soap--there's a soap for every body. Encourage the clean this holiday season!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Stuff it

In keeping with the 'little things mean a lot' theme, we're focusing on things that are small enough for a stocking, but unusual enough to be remembered and enjoyed. Below are some unexpected, funny, and useful stuffies to spread around.

Yes I Read Books About Teenage Vampires Button Pin Badge 1 1/2 inch by The Angry Robot, perfect for the Twilight enthusiast.

Alice in Wonderland - Scrabble Tile Pendant Necklace by Snappy Pendants, suitable for fans of the book or various movies.

Glass Bended Straws - 2 by Straws by Carli. Perfect for your eco-conscious friend, or the one who has everything.

Bag of Coal Soap, by Besem Natural Scents, perfect for the soap enthusiast, or as a hilarious gag gift for a favorite friend or enemy.

Angry Broccoli Magnet Set by Kill Taupe. Comes with 4 swears so that Angry Magnet can express your finer emotions. Perfect for your potty mouthed homey, or you favorite broccoli aficionado.

Nothing says holiday cheer like a present slightly queer. Yeah, we went there. You loved it. Check out these shops for more giving inspiration!

Stocking stuffer mania

We've been shopping online again and decided between now and X-Mas to focus on little things, the tiny beautiful, funny, inspiring things that we can give and receive to make this holiday season more relaxed and enjoyable for everyone. Here are some of the things we've found that you can slip your sweeties this holiday season.

Secret Poetry Necklace in Sterling by Delias Thompson. This item can be customized up to 30 characters.

Wall Birds by JMR Ppottery. Made from original molds by Julie Rowe.

Solid Natural Perfume Trio by Roxana Illuminated Perfume. Your choice of three scents...one is bound to work!

Mini Chai tea kit, by purpose design, perfect for chai enthusiasts.

Check out the above shops for more goodies with taste and style.

The Bride wore Red: ravishing in red wedding

Exuberant, stunning, romantic; the red wedding is a memorable affair. Whether used as an accent or as a main color, the red wedding is rich--perfect for passionate lovers! We've scoured the net for some bewitching wedding reds. Here's what we came up with!

Set the mood with your bridal invites:

Venetian II, Decadent Designs.

Custom Wedding Invitation, Beckon.

For the Bride:

Gaura Earrings, Jahnavi Designs.

Garnet "Crown Heart Ring" , Georgian, Robin's Roost Antiques.

Red Mermaid Dress, Veronica Reis.

Victorian Romance, Southern Girl Weddings.

For the Groom:

Wide Titanium ring with single red inlay, Jewelry by Johan.

Regency Ascot, Gentleman's Jabot.

Silver Swirls Cuff links, Mann Made Designs.

Flower Girl:

Pretty as a Red Red Rose, Pampered Little Princess.

Ring Bearer:

Rococo Collection, Y & E Bridal.


Groom's Boutonniere, JDLeggans.


Rose bolero, Messages of Passion by Angelika Liv.

Take your handmade wedding to new heights in radiant red! Enchanting, darling!

Leapin Lids!

Fall is icummen in, with its touch of elementary school anticipation and urgency. We must have new shoes and fun accessories--the adult versions binders, backpacks, and pencils. Fall is a time to haul out that coat, those tights, your favorite boots, and eccentric accessories; weather finally permits, and lack of sunshine means more fun with color. A great place to start: hats. Where shall I look for said hats, you ask; why, Lid Designs Boutique, my pretties!

Black Widow. Veils and mystery go hand in hand; we love the coquettish appeal of this cocktail hat. Another variation is available in red.

This lime green Aliceband is more Zooey Deschanel than Blair Waldorf. Quirky, cute--not prissy.

Mustard Seed mini-beret. Available in a variety of colors, understated, unusual. Could accent a variety of intriguing hairstyles.

Our personal favorite, Acid Rose Garden hat. This mini hat fights the dull drearies.

Lid Designs also features other accessories, such as Heirloom Eyemask in ivory silk, perfect for indulging your Holly Golightly fantasies or as a bridal gift.

Check out Lid Designs for more fabulous accessories and stand out against a sea of black wool and staid apparel!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Exotic earrings

Ever crave something out of the ordinary? Something with pizzazz? Why not hang something marvelous from your ears, dumpling? Let your ears say: I am fabulous, I have good old fashioned flair, and I am anything but ordinary! As the song goes "little things mean a lot"...let your little things speak volumes!

Caribbean Treasure, by Maribelle Campa. Carmen meets Frida Kahlo.

Wrap Hoop Gold Stardust & Garnet Earrings, by Dasha Boutique. Perfect for your label lovin' friend, these are slightly trendy/exotic.

Recycled Circuit Board , by Three Ring Circuits. Steampunk meets Deco.

Temple Dancer, by Mocahete. Like something unearthed and ancient.

Real Orchid earrings, by Baby White Elephant. Orchid earrings...smashing.

Wearing of any of these earrings will generate conversation, compliments, and lots of attention on lil ol you! We're ready for it...are you game? Check out these shops for more scrumptious calorie free goodies.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wall of Weird

Ever want to nail something strange to the wall? Wacky wall art is useful: it's entertaining, scares off unwanted (read: boring) guests, and fosters a feeling of community with like minded folks. Here are some items found using "Wall, weird, and Art" as keywords.

Time to Exit, by IMOTIME. IMOTIME's clocks are quirky and wildly varied. Ever wanna tell time on a bed pan? Now you can! You name it, they clock it.

Rainy day Randy by Combustible Kid. This shop's strangeness includes bizarre cat toys, brooches, and mature content tee shirts. "Ordinary" never crosses the mind.

Custom Gothic Monogram Coffin, Art Pillbox Designs. From the mildly macabre to the decidedly sexy, this shop offers decals for cult queens and muscle car mavens.

Taxidermy Cabbage Patch Kid, by All She Does. From a land of scary Frankenstein-inspired teddybears--also known as Austin--comes this dismembered and adorable Cabbage Patch doll. Cute and slightly creepy.

Banish the banal! Dismiss the drab! Expel the enervating! Procure the peculiar! Send us pictures!

Handmade Finds