Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tell 'em to clean up their act

Soap. It's dead useful. We reckon most people use it at least once daily, and we've noticed some people are a bit cheap with themselves when it comes to splurgin' on soap: They stick to old familiar or el cheapo, potentially missing out on the fun of bathing and washing hands. This is tragic and must be stopped. The following soaps are unexpected stocking stuffers and are pretty enough to entice guests, if left in the guest bathroom. We all win, if that's the case...

Fight Club novelty soap by Paradise Body Shop. This soap comes in peppermint, which is an invigorating shower experience. It really wakes one up and makes the skin feel tingly-clean.

Sensual Nag Champa soap by Solstice Scents. Dragon detailing, and soft mysterious scent of Nag Champa--good for men or women; especially thoughtful for those born in the year of the Dragon (1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000).

Coffee and Chocolate Beer Soap- Made With Stone Smoked Porter by The Beer Soap Co. Coffee AND chocolate AND beer? This is crazy-delicious sounding, and totally unisex. We've heard coffee has a nice effect on skin, and that beer's good for hair--chocolate's plain good for the soul.

Black and Silver Soap - Gift Boxed by Soapy Chica. Soapy Chica makes some incredibly gorgeous soaps--and this is just one example of the feminine high-relief detailing available. Plus, we really like black and the idea of black soap is intriguing.

Gypsy Caravan Soap, by Scodioli. Pomegranate and Orange--sounds absolutely drool-worthy, and the fun packaging makes this a nice gift for lovers of the odd and unusual. Love the bearded lady logo.

Fun soap, manly soap, gorgeous soap--there's a soap for every body. Encourage the clean this holiday season!

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