Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dreamin' of a black Christmas

Black: It's the color of mystery, restrained elegance, and comforting nightfall. It's definitely a major favorite of ours, and in honor of playing favorites (one of our pet pastimes), we're taking an inspired trip into black Christmasland, encouraging you to indulge yourself and your chosen other with something fantastically black.

Black Roses by White Magic Shoppe. Pretty candles set a memorable aura, and the rose shape is a definite win.

Down In The Underground by Totus Mel. Tatted black mask, mysterious and peek-a-boo pretty. Love the names, which come from Labyrinth, and a few styles are available to suit different damsels (or dudes--why not?).

Black Lace Neck Corset by Decadent Designs. Who's bringin' the drama? Gorgeous lace, corset detailing, and a slightly Victorian sensibility = awesome.

The Wolf black cuffs by Angelika Liv. Delicate and beautiful, these make a gorgeous statement, highlighting the wrists and fingers.

Charles Baudelaire Glass Paperweight by Ephemerologie. Oh, we love this! Great either alone or with a copy of Paris Spleen or Les Fleurs du Mal.

Slip your lovelies something dark and dreamy...

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