Friday, December 4, 2009

Leapin Lids!

Fall is icummen in, with its touch of elementary school anticipation and urgency. We must have new shoes and fun accessories--the adult versions binders, backpacks, and pencils. Fall is a time to haul out that coat, those tights, your favorite boots, and eccentric accessories; weather finally permits, and lack of sunshine means more fun with color. A great place to start: hats. Where shall I look for said hats, you ask; why, Lid Designs Boutique, my pretties!

Black Widow. Veils and mystery go hand in hand; we love the coquettish appeal of this cocktail hat. Another variation is available in red.

This lime green Aliceband is more Zooey Deschanel than Blair Waldorf. Quirky, cute--not prissy.

Mustard Seed mini-beret. Available in a variety of colors, understated, unusual. Could accent a variety of intriguing hairstyles.

Our personal favorite, Acid Rose Garden hat. This mini hat fights the dull drearies.

Lid Designs also features other accessories, such as Heirloom Eyemask in ivory silk, perfect for indulging your Holly Golightly fantasies or as a bridal gift.

Check out Lid Designs for more fabulous accessories and stand out against a sea of black wool and staid apparel!

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