Thursday, August 20, 2009

Exotic earrings

Ever crave something out of the ordinary? Something with pizzazz? Why not hang something marvelous from your ears, dumpling? Let your ears say: I am fabulous, I have good old fashioned flair, and I am anything but ordinary! As the song goes "little things mean a lot"...let your little things speak volumes!

Caribbean Treasure, by Maribelle Campa. Carmen meets Frida Kahlo.

Wrap Hoop Gold Stardust & Garnet Earrings, by Dasha Boutique. Perfect for your label lovin' friend, these are slightly trendy/exotic.

Recycled Circuit Board , by Three Ring Circuits. Steampunk meets Deco.

Temple Dancer, by Mocahete. Like something unearthed and ancient.

Real Orchid earrings, by Baby White Elephant. Orchid earrings...smashing.

Wearing of any of these earrings will generate conversation, compliments, and lots of attention on lil ol you! We're ready for it...are you game? Check out these shops for more scrumptious calorie free goodies.

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