Monday, August 17, 2009

A sweet distinction

We've recently been looking at homes for sale in our more desirable 'hoods, and have come to find the types of homes we like have awesome address signage, or historic markers on the front. If you think about it, it's likely you've noticed the modern house on the corner with the address in really cool brushed nickel. Or the historic house with the deco details. Such a simple thing really brings a touch of individuality to a home.

Atlas Signs & Plaques create address markers and signage that will give your home distinction. Located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, Atlas Signs & Plaques is a small company owned and run by women and veterans. Here are a few of their many items available.

The Stickley Address number plaque. Gawgeous, just gawgeous! Love the architectural influence in this one.

Whale House number plaque, perfect homes by the sea, or all lovers of ocean life. This is the address plaque that started this post!

Abandon All Hope no solicitors sign. Hilarious? Yes. Get the point across? Yes! If you make them laugh, so much the better.

The Hen House, perfect (and customizable) for your restaurant, chicken coop, or home office. We've actually seen this signage in our city and LOVE it!

Check out Atlas Signs & Plaques extensive options in colors, shapes, products and finishes... and make sure you pass the info on to your neighbors!

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