Monday, August 17, 2009

Wall of Weird

Ever want to nail something strange to the wall? Wacky wall art is useful: it's entertaining, scares off unwanted (read: boring) guests, and fosters a feeling of community with like minded folks. Here are some items found using "Wall, weird, and Art" as keywords.

Time to Exit, by IMOTIME. IMOTIME's clocks are quirky and wildly varied. Ever wanna tell time on a bed pan? Now you can! You name it, they clock it.

Rainy day Randy by Combustible Kid. This shop's strangeness includes bizarre cat toys, brooches, and mature content tee shirts. "Ordinary" never crosses the mind.

Custom Gothic Monogram Coffin, Art Pillbox Designs. From the mildly macabre to the decidedly sexy, this shop offers decals for cult queens and muscle car mavens.

Taxidermy Cabbage Patch Kid, by All She Does. From a land of scary Frankenstein-inspired teddybears--also known as Austin--comes this dismembered and adorable Cabbage Patch doll. Cute and slightly creepy.

Banish the banal! Dismiss the drab! Expel the enervating! Procure the peculiar! Send us pictures!

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