Wednesday, August 12, 2009

That pretty white dress

The white dress--that little iconic slip of fabric that causes people to stop and stare. Whether yours is summery or wintery white, wedding or picnic white, you're sure to be sensaysh when you don this powerful color!

These are our choices for ensnaring hearts--from semi formal bridal to barefoot in the park, these will do the trick and woo wordlessly.

Night Gown Slip Dress - by econica. Clingy and super sexy, for at home or checking the mail. Or, if you wear a good slip, in public. Oh la la.

Society Street Dress by Carol Hannah. Dior, eat your heart out! Paired with white gloves and white slingbacks, this is oh so Marilyn.

The Darling Dress, Cherry Pie Vintage. Perfect for a picnic in the park and causing passersby to stumble into one another.

Ivory or White Pleated Collar Dress by Amanda Archer. Perfect date dress.

Get in on the action. We promise you romance will ensue!

1 comment:

Jaylyn said...

I love to wear white dress a lots.!! That first one is simply gorgeous.

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