Monday, August 17, 2009

Black, white, and red all over.

Looking for a wardrobe injection? Go fashionably into fall with these stylish items: a pinch of red for warmth and zing, a dose of black and white for drama. Drama in wardrobe, good. Drama in love life, not so good. Our faves:

Bohemian Red Hat by KJG Productions. Love the whimsical, it-girl vintage feel. Gawgeous you, with your ingenue eyes, can't help but stand apart from a sea of duds.

Zip front coat/dress by 13threads. Wear zipped as a figure flattering dress or open over your favorite outfit. We're thinking layered petticoats and a cinched waist for an ultra hourglass look.

Wide Collar Wrapped Blouse by MooncircuS. Romantic bone colored linen/cotton blouse, perfect dressed up or down.

Black and White Spectator Oxford Flats, RedoRedux. Spectator flats are making a big splash this fall and winter least with us! Love the cutout detailing on this crisp oxford.

Add a touch of the unexpected for a memorable look. Be bold. Be daring. Most of all, be fabulous! We insist!

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