Friday, February 8, 2008

Look good, have fun: Laughtoomuch

With a strong sense of personal style and an innate ability to accent the fabrics used, Laughtoomuch is the brainchild of seamstress Dung--"Bessie" to her friends--a self taught sewing diva, who comes from a family of extremely talented seamstress/crafters. Originally she worked primarily on children's clothes, and the intricate, detailed work was perfect for her eye for detail and exacting standards; however, we think she's well suited to the adult world of fashion, especially since we want to wear her work! (We're greedy.)

Without further ado, our first clutch, the innovative My Heart Pleats for Only You:

My Heart Pleats for Only You Clutch by Laughtoomuch

What we love about this piece are the colors used. That vivacious red--the material looks like wallpaper; so chic--melts against the chocolaty brown material. The real surprise, however, is the incredible closure, which features amazing pleating detail in white--details like that are what makes for amazing personal style!

Be prepared to hide your goodies if you take Minty Neapolitan out with you--your friends (or we) will try to steal it!

Minty Neapolitian Clutch by Laughtoomuch

Swirling teal accents deep velvety chocolate, with hidden pink and white linen interior-- and chocolate brown colored flap. This one is gorgeous up until the smallest detail; do we want to eat it, or wear it? It's hard to say!

And finally, the regal and versatile Crackled Gold Clutch tote, which is completely reversible!

Crackled Gold Clutch / Tote Reversible by Laughtoomuch

As shown, it has an elegant wallpaper-like material with a queenly feel; the metallic gold looks stunning accented with that subtle, austere green. The handle is so simple, yet so smashing; one of the best we've seen in a long time. And, since it's fully reversible, the interior (or exterior, depending on your mood) is a crackled gold and green which is perfect for when you're feeling lusciously divaesque and want to make a big splash (with grace of course. We're classy gals, us).

Be sure to check out Laughtoomuch's Etsy shop and get acquainted with her effortlessly chic designs. You may get hooked!

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