Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beauty in the details: jewelry by Amber Sky

There are a lot of jewels available on Etsy, many of which are made with such attention to detail and refreshing elements that it's impossible to have ONE favorite. Despite this fact, there are still certain designers that impart a little something special. Like collage artists, they have a way of putting pieces together that deserves comment, a second look, or becomes a part of a wearer's signature--a way they punctuate their outfits with their own personality.

Amber Sky is no exception. Her pieces tend to have something special that makes the item a must have. This piece, called Victoria, left us stunned with happiness.

Victoria-Turquoise by Amber Sky

We love the teardrop shape, and the lustrous turquoise color, but most of all the hand placed brass leaves and flowers. We have shaky fingers and can only imagine how easy that wasn't, but the effort resulted in a wearable piece of art.

Next up the aptly named Romance. We love that the deep blue briolettes are encased in filigree cages--such an unexpected and lush detail, which accents the beads oh so well. This would be the perfect date night earring, or accent to a feminine day time outfit.

Romance-Blue by Amber Sky

And finally, the lovely Iris, which boast noteworthy color combinations--metallic lavender, copper, and deep purple accents. The layered bead caps and accent beads add interest without fuss. Perfect Spring daytime earrings.

Iris by Amber Sky

Check out AmberSky on Etsy to see your new signature pieces with a romantic twist!

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