Thursday, March 20, 2008

Center stage: objects with star power.

There are times in a woman's life when extra va-va-voom is simply mandatory. At these crucial moments, it's heartbreaking to be thisclose to perfection and miss the mark due to a missing accessory! If you plan your outfits for events like we do, this sensation is something well worth avoiding. Let us steer you in the general direction of Center Stage.

In the event of a cocktail party, it's always a good idea to wear one piece of flair--never 37 or beyond--more is simply unchic. Some women can pull off overdone, but for the rest of us, less is so much more. A fascinator, perched saucily on your little head, can add interest.

This magenta fascinator by SmittenXOXO is gorgeous and not overdone--just a punch of color and allurement. Worn as a brooch or in the hair, it's a cinch for adding that dash that makes the outfit.

Gilda by SmittenXOXO

Other options available at Smitten include a birdcage veil (oh la la), garters, and orchid fascinators.

Obviously, a part of charm has roots in jewels. After all, what outfit is complete without a bit of snazz? In our youth it was a ball chain necklace with dog tags, a studded belt, or even some duct tape. Let your inner teenager come out to play, tempered with some adult discretion and knowing panache. Annilys's shop is an excellent place to find some scene stealing booty.

All that glitters by Annilys

A subtle dash of color, glimmering bling, and details to swoon for are all trademarks of jewels by Annilys and the above are no exception. If you have a bit of whimsy, a dash of flapper, and a pinch of starlet, Annilys's shop is your catnip.

And finally, what else can stop a heart, silence a room and gather the attention of all like a dress?

Ladies, never underestimate the power of a dress. It doesn't have to be short, or even particularly decollete to make a statement. A stunner if ever there was one is The Charlie Dress by Miss Braches Inc. Available in Black, Red, Navy, or Lavender with white accents, this body conscious bodacious dress is custom made for you!

The Charlie dress by Miss Braches Inc

Be sure to check out their stores for more getting glam inspiration!

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