Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Frost bitten beauty

The cool, crisp, late Autumnal season always invokes a certain mood for us--a craving for the ethereal, intricate, and ornamental. For subtle details that exude femininity in a delicate, misty manner; grace in vapored layers. Below are some items that capture the early winter feeling we pine for all year long.

Rococo Gown by Kate Towers. Beautiful, enchanting, spellbinding. We want to play hide and seek in a castle on Christmas Eve wearing this.

Smoky Pewter ethereal wrap by Bonzie. We love the misty layers, the cloudy coloring, and the feeling of lightheaded giddiness we get just looking at it.

Shrug clutch by the laughing mouse. Ruching in rich chocolate and robin blue with golden damask? Wait, we just fainted. Modern, meet rococo. Heart, meet palpitation.

Ethereal and Robins Egg Blue Wild Flower bobby pin set by You are my Sunshine. We want to pin three in our hair and dance in the woods. Or perhaps stop traffic at the local coffee shop.

Searching by Cindy G. Cindy G's artwork has that ethereal glamour that knocks us out. We would like to live in her world and drink champagne and loveliness all day.

We felt indulgent just looking at these items! We hope you have a fabulous, if not refreshingly brisk day ;)

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