Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year, one and all!

How were your holidays?

Ours were fab: we prowled bars, took in a live show, spent quality time with the fam, and played dress up in our favorite vintage duds. All in all it was a success, but we're ready to get back to online shopping and sharing our finds with you! In honor of this new year, this clean slate, we have decided to do something conventional--perish the thought--and so we scrounged around and found some calendars. Before you start yawning, let us explain our thinking: a year is made of days, and one must be aware of those days, not drift mindlessly through them! A calendar is the very best way to make one aware of the time that makes up life, and keeps one focused on ones goals. We know we've got them; our New Years Resolution was to have more fun. Leave the must lose weight resos to the self tortured. More fun means more dancing, more walking around window shopping, and more running hand in hand with that special someone! Buy fabulous clothes that fit you now, prance around like a maniac, and start living! Here are our new lease on life finds.

Modern and dramatic, the Stendig wall calendar: it's so big you can't help but be aware of what day it is. Bold. Minimalist. (We have one, we love it.)

Perfect for your inner teenager, Year of the Dreamer date book by Art Club. Each one is completely unique, fun, and functional. Not to mention cheerfully cute.

For the understated yet slinky diva, 2009 Desk Calendar- Indian Motifs by With an Indian Touch. Black and white cards are dramatic and accented with intricate designs.

And finally, for the Francophile, the printable 2009 CALENDAR- Mini French Series by Ali Design. Pretty colors make the inner girly girl pirouette with joy.

So there you have it, an excuse to get something cute for yourself or a friend. Get aware of those days and use the heck out of them!

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