Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Make his day!

Men. They make up a little bit more than half of the population, and it's highly probable you've got more than one in your life that you hold dear. Have you ever tried to shop for him, though? If you, like us, find the prospect of showing your affection with thoughtful tokens daunting, Mark Kalen Designs just might be able to provide a solution for you. Man-friendly gifts made by a man who understands how to accent your sweetie with a mega dose of sex appeal. See for yourself:

Propel Steel Buckle. We love this. It's manly, original, and cool without trying too hard.

Black Leather with Embellishment bracelet. For that sexy tough guy you love to love.

K-Tag Triple Tread. Finally, a man necklace that doesn't make us somewhat nervous. Three other fun styles available--it's a HF approved man-stocking stuffer!

Custom design also available--here's an example, which we LOVE. That kind of love where you have to bite something. Yeah!

Check out Mark Kalen Designs and see for yourself what we're raving about. His designs are intriguing and range in styles, so one should suit your man just right--the world will thank you for making his style that much better!

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