Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Glamour Green

We've been craving the crisp and clean shades of green recently and have found some items in this effortlessly glamourous and always in style hue. Used as a home accent or on your person, it's sure to add some snap and snazz. And who doesn't love that?

Midori Vintage green velvet trench coat, Lolita Vintage. We imagine a modern Scarlett O'Hara rocking this one while she schemes her way into the hearts of many.

70s Emerald Green Pair of Vintage Table lamps, Fabulous Mess Vintage. Add a dose of color and a retro flair to your interior design. And then invite us over for cocktails.

Emerald Rose Vintage Couture headpiece, House of Telsa. Miss mysterious, my how you turn those heads! We want to wear this to the races and pick us up a millionaire.

Emerald Green Faux Snakeskin Kelly Bag, Haute Country Vintage. This type of bag never goes out. Thank goodness.

Emeraude Moderne Pillow Cover 20in X 20in Avec Dieu Couture. Shiny, vibrant, and swirly. Queen Bee would choose this for a pillow fight and surely out clobber the competition.

Envy eyeshadow - Metallic Emerald Green and Vegan by I Touch Roses. Add a subtle sultriness to your peepers and stop them in their tracks.

Pair your green with shades of vivid pink, plum, black, or white for maximum pop. You'll look marvelous!

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