Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Off the beaten path

Once in a while (ok, rather often) we're amazed at what designers come up with to make fashion more exciting for their wearers. We've been eying some of these unusual items (mostly dresses) because we've been feeling the drama and are getting excited about fashion all over again. Here's a few we love:

The Acid Earth Mini Dress Amour San Anguish

Pirate of Love kanzashi mask, ccaspia.

Lara- My Black Dress

Nicolette Clutch, Mabel McBee

Poetic one-of-a-kind flower brooch, Ariane and Lulu

And finally, Silent Era LBD by Desira Pesta.

Finally, getting dressed is fun again! Check out these shops for more wearable and expressive pieces and fall in love with your closet!

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