Thursday, May 15, 2008

You're just a doll; Enchanted, that is.

Dolls--cute, cuddly, precious, pretty, dainty, snuggly, furry, hard as stone--there seems to be a doll out there for everyone. Just like soul mates, these dolls are looking for their human counterpart; like talismans dolls can describe the finer nuances of our inner desires and make visual some ideal we've held inside. Here are a few we've been fawning over.

These dolls by Marina Bychkova of The Enchanted Doll are absolutely sublime and slightly insane in their beauty. With fully articulated ball joints, idealized, yet realistic bodies in porcelain (not 'neutered' or sexless), incredible costumes of beads and gemstones, and painted in lustrous fleshtones, the dolls look like real, perfect people. Unbelievably, Marina Bychkova is a young, beautiful girl, much like her dolls--younger than such talent indicates (though she has been making dolls since age 6). We can only imagine what she will create as she continues her exploration of both fabric, jewelry making and her preferred medium of porcelain.

Mihret is a limited edition nude with silk/mohair hair.

Mihret Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova

Edie is a limited edition nude with a silk/mohair pixie.

Edie doll Marina Bychkova The Enchanted Doll

Snow White, shown below with the Necrophiliac Prince. We love her beaded costume, and the slight bruising around her neck (kinda creepy, but somehow appropriate).

Snow White Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova

Below, Echo, a limited edition costumed doll. The fabric of her costume is a high quality dye sublimation print on 100% polyester fabric made from the photograph of an original, bead embroidered costume.

Echo - The Emperor’s Youngest Daughter Marina Bychkova

Her dolls inevitably spring out of story telling, and lend themselves perfectly to fantasy. Steeped in myth and folklore, the dolls explore themes familiar through childhood tales, often exposing the irresistible 'dark' or erotic undercurrents, which only adds to the utterly fascinating and hypnotic aura of her work. Dolls are available nude, in an elaborate costume (or the limited edition printed fabric), and can be customized. Jewelry is available for purchase. Check out Enchanted Doll and prepare to be floored.

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