Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Shoots: the power of green

Spring, kelly, granny smith apple, grass, emerald and peridot--there are many shades of green that are breathtakingly beautiful, inspiring, and invigorating. We read somewhere that green is considered a rejuvenating color to look at, that the eye never tires of beholding it. We don't know if that's true, but we like the sound of it. Here are our choices in a variety of green shades for your viewing pleasure.

The following 2 items are green in both senses of the word--color, and environmentally friendly! Score!

Available at Kahiko, this scarf is a bold geometric breath of springtime. Worn on the head, around the waist, tied on a bag, as a halter top, a scarf, this scarf is large enough to be versatile, dramatic enough to make a statement, and pretty enough to be used over and over again. We like that the green is infused with white--it adds to its flair. Kahiko's shop has gems of vintage apparel which are sure to infuse your summer wardrobe with drama and one of a kind aloha spirit. For her handmade clothing, check out The Machine Stops--we love everything!

vintage echo scarf in green and white by Kahiko

This dress, available at Revival House, is a fun green shift dress with an awesome neck tie accent. The sleeves are accented with brass beads, and the pattern is an detailed plaid with black and white stripes. Since it's vintage, it's highly unlikely you'll see anyone else wearing the same dress. It pairs well with many different accessories for a look that's all you, from low top Converse to militant knee high boots.

Vintage 1960s Green Plaid Mini Mod Shift Dress w/ Neck Tie XS S by Revival House

This bracelet is a gender neutral cuff in fantastic green leather by Rad Cow. Cuffs are so many things--tough, retro (Elvis had a cuff watch in the 60s), rocker (hello--Elvis), and simply stylish. We've never seen a cuff in green, as the standard color seems to be black, but we like it! Snap accents both practical and good looking. Other items available at Rad Cow include belts, wallets and more cool cuffs.

Wrap Around Snap Leather Cuff Bracelet by Rad Cow

This pendant by Verre Encore is a pear shaped, tear drop like delight in delicious apple green enamel. So simple, and effortlessly stunning, it adds a decadent dash of color, and a wonderful, original and organic feel. Worn alone, it can be paired with almost anything and look chic. Verre Encore succeeds amazingly where color is concerned, and each piece is one of a kind, in lush colors with provocative shapes and patterns that are worthy conversation starters and style signatures. Don't be surprised if VE's your next addiction!

Virtuously Green — Handmade Enamel Necklace by Verre Encore

And finally, a green only you and your special sweetie will see, may we present A well kept lawn, by Dear Diary. A funny pair of undies for brightening up your day right from the beginning. Be forewarned that you will probably giggle every time you use the public restroom, so don't wear them anywhere uppity unless you're full of moxie. These are a great gift for the friend that takes personal hygiene extremely seriously, or those that are just into novelty knickers. Check out DD's other fun undies for guys and gals--you won't be sorry!

A Well Kept Lawn by Dear Diary

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