Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wear a celebrity: My aunt Debbie

We were getting ready the other day and thought to ourselves: wouldn't it be nice to wear an iconic couple on our ears? Or perhaps a celebrity pin on our shoulder? And wouldn't it be nice to find a place where we could find Dorothy's slippers, or perhaps Mr Roger's smiling mug, or Pee Wee Herman and his great big bicycle? Just when we thought the longing had grown too acute to carry on, our wish was granted when we found My Aunt Debbie.

If you've ever felt like your love of classy kitsch and silver screen legends needed an outlet, or perhaps to celebrate your love of pop culture and quirky accessories, My Aunt Debbie's shop has something just for you. Pins, earrings, and necklaces celebrate our favorite friends, and make these highly collectible, and slightly addictive. Here are just a few things we found and fell in love with:

Everyone's favorite madcap divas, Ethel and Lucy, perfect for reminding you to cherish your best friend, and to always exploit every opportunity for more fun than you can shake a stick at.

Lucy and Ethel Earrings I love Lucy Lucielle Ball by My Aunt Debbie

Sonny and Cher--because they NEVER should have broken up!

Sonny and Cher Earrings I Got You Babe

Elvis and 'Cilla. Cause they were so pretty together.

Elvis and Priscilla Earrings by My aunt Debbie

Toast! Yummy, deliciously golden toast. It lasts forever! It sparkles with bling! It's completely unexpected!

Vintage Sunbeam Toaster Pin by My Aunt Debbie

The world's most fashionable cat, Toodles, in one of her many dresses.

Toodles Always Wanted to Actually See a UFO by My Aunt Debbie

Check out My Aunt Debbie's shop for more cute wearable collectible memorabilia like these. You're sure to stand out and strike up a conversation with someone interesting! The proceeds of the next sale go to charity--it could be you!

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