Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hate Mail is the new pink

Ok. We admit it. Sometimes we don't like to be so nice. This secret Santa thing creates a craving for balance. And sometimes people just piss us off, despite the fact that we're always looking for the good in everyone we meet. If you, like us, have ever found it tempting to just tell others what you really feel, Carol Lee has designed just the greeting card for you!

Carol Lee's line, Junk Mail, makes it possible to express the finer emotions we have with a hefty slathering of dry humor. Snarky, bitchy, tongue-in-cheek, hysterical and fun, there's a card for every occasion.

May we present, "You're an Idiot"--which is one we're dying to buy even though we don't have anyone in mind. There's something so friendly and Easter pure about the appearance of this card which really drives the meaning home. The recipient will likely be torn between varying emotions: wanting to laugh, feeling a little hurt, and begrudgingly admitting the sender is right while taking comfort in an attractive image.

You’re an Idiot, HateMail by Carol Lee Designs

Next, the very popular "You park like an Idiot". Yes, it would seem like we're on an Idiot kick here, but dangit EVERY TIME we leave the house to go shopping (which is pretty often, truth be told), there's some parktard doing the following: taking up two spots with their Mazda Miata; parking their car 10 feet from the curb; blocking our driveway with their big honkin truck; or a double parked fool in the thoroughfare at rush hour. It's enough to make us want to tear out our hair. Instead, we think we should get these. In dramatic black and white with fancy flourishes, it's both elegantly beautiful and oh so bitchy. We love it to pieces.

You park like an idiot, HateMail by Carol Lee Designs

This one warmed our hearts. A touching tribute to the jackasses that just wanna say "hi" because they can't leave well enough alone. "Tell your mom I said 'hi'" is for those people that message you on social networking sites, or send a greeting through a mutual friend or acquaintance, proffering unsolicited hellos as if you care. We believe this phenomenon will be ever more prevalent as our social lives get more and more crowded with the ghosts of our past, thanks to Facebooks, Friendsters, and Myspaces. Just don't send this one to someone with a dead mom, ok?

HateMail — Tell Your Mom I Said Hi, HateMail by Carol Lee Designs

Here's the card we believe is perfect for us, so if you want to get us a present, this is a stellar choice. Your favorite Sangfroid diva will place this on her desk to remind her that the feelings of others are just pesky trivialities in the grand scheme of glamourdom.

Ice Queen, HateMail by Carol Lee Designs

And lest you think Carol Lee's line is all about making someone sorry they annoyed you, there's Junk Mail line, which features warm, friendly, and even exceedingly sweet but never sappy or saccharine greeting cards. We really love their stunning, graphic designs, and the occasional blinged out touches are beautifully executed.

You Make my Heart sing, JunkMail by Carol Lee Designs

If after visiting Carol Lee's shop you simultaneously want to laugh, ask her out for coffee, and buy everything in sight, we can totally relate! Give, display, tuck away for a rainy day--it's all there waiting for you!

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