Thursday, May 15, 2008

Acid neon: Wolfie and the Sneak

If you can imagine falling in love with someone's profile on Etsy after already being enamored of their art, then you've experienced what we call "Wolfie and the Sneak" syndrome. We absolutely adore their vivid neon accents in their art, so fresh and unexpected.

This limited edition print, called "Sugar water and a happy hummingbird", provides such a mega dose of intense pink balanced with cool and effortless black and white. A perfect way for beating the neutral blahs.

Sugar water and a happy hummingbird by wolfie and the sneak

"Say hello to Spring" is an original work on card stock. We love the minimalist design that shows the juicy colors so well.

Say hello to spring by Wolfie and the Sneak

Another original, "Magic is everywhere", has beautiful leafy colors in blue and green with accents of the pink they use so well. Somehow this drawing gives us a feeling of happiness just by looking at it. This would make a wonderful gift for a friend, whether they need a pick me up or not.

Magic is everywhere by Wolfie and the Sneak

Check out Wolfie and the Sneak for photographic art, vintage housewares, and other handmade surprises to give and treat yourself to.

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