Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fashionable, fabulous, and fetching: Funky Frum!

Ever wonder where you can find clothes that are cute, comfortable and classy?

Yes, we said classy.

Class is a commodity one cannot afford to ignore, as it's becoming next to impossible to easily find clothes that don't reveal all our business to the world, or have some crass and ridiculous phrase splashed all over it. Part of what we love about shopping Indie is that we're not mainstream. It's not just about spending our money to help small businesses flourish, it's also about not buying into all the crap the media is constantly trying to sell us. We're not 14. We don't want to look like a baby prostitute, nor do we value the glammed up sexualizing of pubescent children. We also don't want to smell like a whorehouse--at least not when we're buying groceries or picking up the kids. No more 16/60 (16 from the back, 60 from the front). We can dress appropriately while still maintaining a sense of fun and individuality.

Perhaps that's why you like shopping small businesses as well. Or perhaps you have values of a religious or spiritual nature and shopping small and niche shops geared toward your ideals is becoming the only way to dress appropriately and attractively. Whatever your reason, we think you will appreciate this little shop we stumbled upon. Funky Frum carries clothes are modest, au courant, and comfortable.

This dress, called Cappuccino Chip, is a vintage-inspired little black number trimmed at collar, waist and wrists with shiny black satin. We love that the collar is detachable, adding easy variety to the dress. Paired with oxfords, retro styled round toed pumps, or pointy modern heels, and a nude or hosed leg, this dress can support a variety of looks and personalities. Yummy.

Cappuccino Chip by Funky Frum

The best-ever denim skirt, Blackberry, is a ravishing dark jean skirt with gorgeous detailing! We have never, ever, been able to support denim skirts--they are usually too fantastically ugly to be believed--but this skirt, with its a-line fit, button and sash-like detail make this a resounding exception. One of us is wearing it now, and both of us agree it is a hit! (it runs a tad large, be advised.)

Blackberry by Funky Frum

Hats. Certain hats just have the glamour; something nostalgic, romantic, and effortlessly elegant. We felt these sentiments when we saw Parisian Flower. We were stunned into awed silence tinged with paprika colored lust. We would look so good in that we thought, while we began salivating and mentally organizing our available funds simultaneously. It would absolutely make our day, nay, our month, to see anyone sporting this beauty about town!

Parisian Flower by Funky Frum

If these little morsels have piqued your interest in the goodies at Funky Frum, we don't think you'll be disappointed in your visit. The prices are fair, the items are of excellent quality, and the shipping time is fast enough to make you pass out. The new Fall collection will be up in a few short days, as well! Yay! More things to swoon for!

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