Saturday, August 16, 2008

Spend a little, look like a mil.

If you've recently been looking wistfully at magazines and catalogs and movies with awesome costumes (specifically, shoes), please join us in commiseration corner. We feel your pain. Since we love you, we've also found some cute online shops that can help you get an au courant look without maxing out your credit card. We chose the following because the online shops had other selections available in the shoe section for your peeping pleasure so you could possibly pick up a couple other things.

These oxfords, available at Ribstein & Wilcox, are a rich brown and boast 1930s styling. Great with skirts, dresses, or pants.

1930’s Oxfords Ribstein & Wilcox

Everything looks better in red. Especially if that thing has...bows. Sigh. Available at The Vintage Mode, these red beauts help dispel the grey days that will be just around the corner. Pair with a neutral leg for maximum pop.

Red Bows The Vintage Mode

Ornamented in velvet, these shoes are pure drama without making you want to cry...unless they aren't your size! Available at Hooked on Vintage. We'd love to see them peeking out saucily from your jeans or with a trimmed swing coat and glam sunglasses.

Vintage Velvet Bow Stiletto Peep Toes By Bill Valentine Hooked on Vintage

Check out these shops for more easy on the wallet goodies!

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