Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am diva, hear me roar. Jewelry by Sonya Coulson Rook

There are times when a piece of jewelry is more than simple adornment--jewelry can be art. It can evoke emotion. It can make people stop, stare, and attempt to hump your leg. Metamorphosis, a line by Sonya Coulson Rook does all of that and more.

In a world where beautiful things can mean oppression of the less fortunate, where 'beauty' is commercial to the point of vain sterility, it's always exhilarating to come across artists that create something so extraordinary it takes your breath away.

Sonya Coulson Rook had us the second we saw her feather cocktail ring. It is so glam, so faboo, so amazing, words are feeble in comparison. With all the spiky animal sensuality of a feathered boa, the cheek and splendor of marabou slippers and the supa-calla-glamourous of Auntie Mame's over the top baubles, the Feather Cocktail ring is a show stopper!feather cocktail ring by Sonya Coulson Rook
Watch yourself, ladies, because she also designed an impressive lariat with--you guessed it--feathers. Combining ruggedly sexy rolo chain, which is oxidized for an organic, industrial effect, the feathery lariat is provocative pretty, saucy and elegant all at once. We picture this one with heavy eyeliner and fiercely defined hair.

feather lariat by Sonya Coulson Rook

Last but not least, her delicious antique lace earrings, which feature oxidized sterling silver hoops (with a pebbled surface) accented with brass flowers and pearls. Like the queen of the garden, these earrings stand out in a not-so-soft but devastatingly womanly way. Divina.

antique lace earrings by Sonya Coulson Rook of Metamorphosis

That's just a little intro to some treats available at her Etsy shop, but please check out her website as well and get acquainted with Metamorphosis.

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