Monday, January 28, 2008

Embellishments to wed for

Tying the knot. Gettin hitched. Jumping the broom. Whatever you want to call it, it's usually one of the most stressful and glamorous days in a womans life. Combine all of the opinions of well meaning relatives, a sundry of dresses to weed through, a plethora of choices to make regarding food, location, and invites and most people want to run to the local City Hall to get it done painlessly. Whatever your location--church, beach, City Hall, or your backyard, there's something appropriate, beautiful and handmade to help you tie your look together before you tie one on with your new spouse!

Glamor girls, check these out: camellias by Irina Floret, of Floreti, are handmade of silk and placed on a comb featuring three 4" diameter flowers with beautiful green leaves. These would look well with a simple upswept hairstyle, adding both fullness and drama without being complicated! We also like Floreti's Lily headwear, which feature two lilies on barettes, which can be worn together or separately for a variety of looks. These are a fabulous find for any bride that wants flair without having to spend 4 hours in a chair at the salon...if you can do a chignon, just add some flowers and get down that aisle!
Camellia Silk Flower Wedding Hair Comb by Floreti Bridal Lily Headwear by Floreti, Irina FloretLana Turner approved glamor.

Get fascinated. Fascinators add both drama, mystery, and flair, while cutting back on fussiness and time spent getting ready. This fascinator by KissCurl features a short veil of scalloped edged tulle and shaped millinery veiling, toeing the line between traditional and subversive sex appeal in a way that mom would approve of and grandma won't cringe at. (In fact, grandma might try to steal this bad girl from know how saucy some of us get with age!) Handmade in the UK, KissCurl's designs are a wonderful option for the retro-inspired, yet definitely glamorous, bride. Below are two featuring veils in white, but be sure to check out her other designs for your bridesmaids or yourself...they're inspired without being overwhelming.

FASCINATOR - VEILETTE - Ultra Short or Mini Veil in White with Feather and Bead Trim by KissCurlVEIL - UCCELLIERA - Short Gathered Birdcage Veil in Pure White with Bead Detail by KissCurl Marilyn would’ve rocked it well

Feathery decadence. We're particularly inspired by these feather hair pins by Mezzo. While not something most brides would instantly think of on their wedding day, feathers scream couture, decadent, and edgy...for real fashionistas! As shown on the model, they add incredible impact without a lot of weight or fuss and are insanely afforable. Paired with a veil or worn on their own, they are gorgeous, and we don't think your bridesmaids would complain if you were to insist that they wear them!

feather hair pins by Mezzo feather hair pins by Mezzofeather hair pins by Mezzo

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