Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The bride wore black: the indie girl wedding dress

What's the one day you can wear the most outlandish dress, demand and receive the most sumptuous jewelry, and be the center of attention, all without being called a diva or primadonna? Your wedding, that's when!

Those of us that don't sew our own dresses, make our own invites, or design our own bridal and bridesmaids jewels need not worry. We at HMF have been doing some digging, and here's what we've come up with.

Subversively sexy brides may want to wear black, or something white, but unusual. There's no rule that you're not allowed to be vamp on your wedding day, provided you bring a healthy smattering of class to the occasion. After some digging, we unearthed Black Beauty Bustle Gown by Stephanie Madesh, a New York based designer.

Black Beauty Bustle Gown by Stephanie Madesh

We love the romantic detailing on this one--strapless, but sweetheart, with a corset underlining (much like gowns worn by celebs on red carpets), rustling taffeta and a bustle that isn't overdone. Available in black, white, and ivory, each is made to your specific measurements.

Then there's Jaqueline by Minna K, which reeks upper class elegance. It features a drawstring, drop waist, evocative of evening gowns from the 30s--so chic and utterly timeless. This one would work well for an outdoor wedding, city hall, or as the dress for the reception.

Jacqueline by Minna K

Wai-Ching clothing is a blessing for brides and bridesmaids everywhere. The designer, Chrissy Wai-Ching (based out of Seattle, Wa), selects, hand dyes, and pieces together fierce creations for a highly original, yet wearable piece of art, which take about one to three months to make. We love the Satori dress, which features a collage made of silk and stretch materials and is completely yummy.

Satori dress by Wai-Ching clothing

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