Thursday, October 23, 2008

Season's Greetings!

Nothing says lovin' like getting some snail mail. Everyday we go to our box in eager anticipation and find catalogs, magazines, and bills. We desperately look forward to receiving a card or a letter. For any reason! Send a little holiday cheer and brighten up someones day!

Happy Halloween card in hand stamped inks on parchment by The Wild Hare give a bewitching holiday feel. Also available: I'm Batty about You cards, and Autumn birthday cards. We love the Batty cards. They make Halloween romantic, too. And we love romance!

Thanksgiving Eat Me card by Gizmoh and Me brings some cheeky humor to the Thanksgiving season, which we think is sorely missing over all. Send this to anyone you see getting way too frazzled over their turkey day holidays. Also available: Halloween flying witch card, and fashion-inspired gift cards for your best dressed friends.

Singing Christmas Carols by Enfin La Voila features delightful colors and classic images that make this card drool and display worthy. Also available: amazing wedding invitations in punchy colors and personalized note cards. Oh la la!

Frost by Paper Menagerie in gocco print spreads holiday cheer and comes in a packet of 6 and two color options. Nice! Also available: Jane Austen silhouette moleskine notebooks and a sundry of button or magnets for prettying up your lapel, fridge, or for giving.

And finally, Happy New Year by jblack designs. New Year is our favorite holiday of all, and this card captures the spirit just right. Also available: gorgeous Josephine Baker art card, and a variety of mixed media collage greeting cards for giving or displaying.

Check out these shops for more goodies to give and display and spread that good feeling around!

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