Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fantastic, not plastic

While we love the idea of supporting our local grocery stores in their effort to make reusable bags available to their customers, we prefer something a little off the beaten path and frankly, inventive. Grocery bags made by actual shoppers. Necessity is the mother of invention, not to mention often times the mother of genius. So here are our choices for grocery shoppers who need both convenience and stylish alternatives to plastic fantastic.

These awesome produce bags by Fabrik are perfection personified in pellucid crinoline. (We are frankly reaching with the use of pellucid for the sake of alliteration, as we know literal meanings are not as important as style.) Code tags will be readily seen and utilized, and you won't have to stash all those obnoxious plastic bags. Also available at Fabrik: arm warmers and holiday cards.

This clever grocery bag available at e-fran designs features a loop that allows the bag to roll up for minimal clutter and easy grab n go. The familiar design gets an update with fashionable fabric choices. Also available at e-fran: handbags, wallets, and an apron!

Wild women everywhere can rejoice in their love of animal print with this grocery bag by Bella Mental. Lined in black and machine washable it can carry more weight than its wimpy plastic counterpart. Also available in camouflage and polka dots!

And finally, sew your own bag with this tote sewing pattern by iSew. Make your own and tote with pride!

Help the environment, independent artisans and assert your style at the same time. A plastic bag just doesn't add to the wardrobe, darling!

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